Dan & Jan Habitat House

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

God has abundantly blessed us thru out our lives, and 34 years of marriage. One of our most cherished blessing is the gift of awesome family & friends. SO many of you have asked, “How can I help?” on our journey with cancer.God has also given us a heart to build houses for those in need, both here in Knoxville thru Habitat, and in Mexico thru Amor Ministries. A few months ago His Spirit led us to the idea of providing a house and offering to all those who’ve wanted to help us, an opportunity to join us by volunteering to serve a family.

God has since turned this idea into a reality and allowed us to partner with After God’s Heart Foundation. We pray that God, thru Jesus Christ, will truly bless this Habitat family and all of those who partner with us.

A web site has been setup for people to get more information and sign up to volunteer at the Dan & Jan Habitat house at KnoxvilleVol.com

Church at Home

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Recently my good friend Lee asked to bring some folks over to the house to pray for us.  After considering his thoughtful request, I declined because our sons’ families were coming in for the weekend, and we’re never sure what will happen with a full house.  But Lee’s request caused Jan & I to reflect on both prayer & family.  Then the Spirit reminded us of something we had done several times in the past - have “church at home”.  When the boys were young & got sick or we were snowed in on Sunday, we would gather downstairs, play some songs we all knew from working with our HS Youth Group (we usually took the boys with us), read some Scripture & share.  It was a way to honor the Sabbath together as a family, and the boys liked it!

Well, since it’s hard for me to attend church, everyone was planning to just stay with us.  So Jan & I suggested “church at home” & everyone said “Let’s do it!”  So Sunday morning we all gathered, Papa & Papa Jan, four awesome sons, three incredible daughter-in-laws, and four wonderful grandkids.  We shared our hearts, spoke deeply of where God has led us, prayed for one another, prayed for each other’s families, praised the Lord, cried & even laughed. It was an incredibly rich time in the Spirit, bringing us all so much closer to each other & to Christ, strengthening us all for our journeys ahead.  A very special occasion that still brings deep joy to our hearts, as we reflect.  Even the grandkids were unbelievably well behaved, as if they knew this was from the Lord, or His angels kept them content.  As Jan & I were discussing it a few days later, we agreed, this was something so unique, yet exactly what God intends for His people.  So we want to encourage those who read this to take a Sunday & take some time with your family and have “church at home”.

Victory over the Last Enemy!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

What an awesome month God gave us!  The blessings are so numerous that I am compelled to share some of them with you.  I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with my parents and almost every one of my 8 brothers & sisters.  Some traveled here & we made a long weekend trip to my folks cabin in Wisconsin.  The main reason I mention this is to share just how personal our Father God is toward His children.  My body is weak & tires easily, and I was concerned about our plane change at Chicago O’Hare with only 30 minutes to trek across a really big airport.  We prayed specifically that it wouldn’t be too far & that I would make it.  I received 3 or 4 updates on gate changes from Orbitz, but when we arrived our new gate was directly across the aisle!  It couldn’t have been closer - thank you, Lord!

My 4 sons & their families expressed their love by scheming for weeks & surprising me by spending a long weekend with us.  It was a huge blessing to hang out with all of us together, sons, daughter-in-laws, grandkids, even going to church, where we needed a whole row.  It was a very special time -  thanks, my four men, I love you! 

Another gracious gift from above was Jan & I having the chance to celebrate our 34th anniversary in Gatlinburg.  We’re high school sweethearts & she’s been such an incredible partner throughout this journey.  It was so sweet to enjoy that day together.  God is so good to grant not only this day of celebration, but an amazing lifetime together.  Thanks, Jesus!  And thank you, Sweetness.  I’m still crazy about you!

God has also be so gracious to give me regular time with a handful of close friends.  These men have been intentional & persistent in giving their time to encourage me.  Thanks guys, I love you all!  As I’ve shared in a previous posting, all that truly matters is our relationship with family,  friends & our Lord.  This last month has been an incredible testimony to this truth.

God has been teaching me much in the last months and has been leading me to share these truths.  Pastor Tom Job of Christ Community Church in Oak Ridge was kind enough to ask me to speak to his church.  Jan & I met with their adult class to answer questions about our journey, and then I gave the message on how to have victory over the last enemy.  According to 1Cor 15:26 the last enemy is death.  

Dan Kuban on Victory Over The Last Enemy in mp3 format.

Two GRAND-Miracles!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

June has been an incredible month!  We have seen God continue to do amazing things, answering our prayers & granting us blessings that are sometimes overwhelming.  On June 3rd, Caitlin Abigail was born to our son Jeff & his wife Elizabeth in Germantown, TN.  She is our 3rd grandchild, Caitlin’s big sister Haley is almost five.  On June 11th God allowed us to fly across our state & spend 3 days with Jeff & his family.  What a joy it was to hold Caitlin, at Starbuck’s no less, on the way to surprise Haley at her church summer program.  I got to see her, hold her, pray over her, sing to her.  This old engineer got misty just watching her in that tiny, helpless state.  The 13th was Jeff’s birthday, so we also got to take him out to celebrate before we flew back.

Then on June 17th, Ansley Kate was born to our son Rob & his wife Jordan here in Knoxville.  Again I was overwhelmed holding her, praying over her, taking it all in while she was only a few hours old.  Ansley’s big brother Zachary is almost three, and Jan & I had the privilege of keeping him at our house for a couple of days while Ansley was in the hospital.  What a blast, so full of energy & fun!

Just a month ago, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to see these two new granddaughters.  We have been really learning that every day is totally a gift from God, and that we have no entitlement to anymore than He grants (Job 12:10).  As the delivery dates drew nearer, my hopes grew, but also knew that God would have to provide His blessing, especially strengthening my body to travel to Germantown.  Well, He is amazing & so good to us that we again praise Him for His provision for us, His unmerited blessing to us, and for two new, precious GRAND-miracles!

What an Amazing, Loving Father we Have!

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

This past week Jan & I & two of our sons traveled to Kennedy Space Center to witness the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis.  It was truly an unforgettable & inspiring experience.  But even more amazing is how God orchestrated an enormous number of details just so I could watch this.  To fully appreciate this I have to go back 20 years.  While at ORNL, I had the opportunity to get an assignment with NASA.  I actually spent time in a shuttle at Kennedy.  Guess which orbiter?  Atlantis!  Due to this experience & other involvement with NASA, I was drawn to space.  After Jan & I discussed & prayed I decided to apply to become an Astronaut.  Then came the Challenger tragedy, but we still proceeded.  Although I didn’t make it, I have continued to have a strong interest in the program.  Fast forward to last April, when Jan & I “won” 4 tickets to see a launch.  By summer we were informed that it was scheduled for October, that it would be the Atlantis, and that this would be the last mission for Atlantis.  We were excited about going, not knowing that we would spend that whole month in hospitals & with doctors beginning my battle with cancer.  I just assumed I wouldn’t make it, but then it was delayed until January.  Jumping to January, we spent that month preparing for & recovering from surgery, but again the launch was delayed.  Are you seeing God at work here?  That brings us to May 2nd.  Jan & I were just talking & both of us within a day of each other had been prompted in our minds about the launch.  I went to the NASA website & found it had been scheduled for the 11th.  Wow!  “Let’s go!”.  On the 3rd I tried to get a hotel, but all were booked.  AAA finally found a place 25 miles away, thank you, Lord.  Then it was plane ticket time, and we had to coordinate with our two sons who live in different towns.  God worked it all out, so that we all made it to Melbourne Sunday afternoon.  And finally there was my body.  I hadn’t done anything like this for months & wasn’t sure I could hold up.  We woke up at 4:30 am to get to the Space Center on time for tours & exhibits.  It was 92 degrees & we spent most of it outside.  We caught our bus to the viewing area with an hour until launch.  It was so hot, but the place was filled with anticipation.  Launches are commonly delayed due to the complexity of it all & weather, etc.   At T-minus 20 minutes, they had to “hold” due to ice forming & sent a team to evaluate.  Everyone held their breath and we all cheered when it was announced all was “go”.  But now there was a thunderstorm just north of the launch pad threatening the launch.  At T-minus 9 minutes they announced it was all “go” again, and we all cheered once more.  Those 9 minutes went quick, as the adrenalin flowed.  We all counted to “lift-off” and stared in amazement until Atlantis was out of sight.  What a day!  God strengthened me way beyond what I am able, to see Him bless me in this way.  The final token from the Father was as we drove off from Kennedy Space Center it began to rain.  Amazing!  I am so humbled that the God of the universe would do all this for one of His kids, with a plan that started over 20 years ago! (1Chr 29:11, 1Jn 3:1)  Thank you, Father.

Thanks for all the prayers!

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Jan & I wanted to share a little more about our journey with all of you.  The love & support & prayers has been overwhelming, and we are truly grateful.  As Paul testifies in 2Cor 1:11, “you also joining in helping us through your prayers, that thanks may be given on our behalf for the favor bestowed upon us through the prayers of many.”  Some of you may not feel that He is answering your prayers, but that is not true.  We share Paul’s testimony, as God has blessed us in so many ways, we are convinced that this is the result of your prayers for us.  There is no other explanation.  We also testify of His faithfulness, and the faithfulness of His Word.  Countless times He has brought a verse(s) to us that is perfect for our needs.  For His peace (Is 26:3), or comfort (2Cor 1:3), or joy (Jn 15:11), or sleep (Pr 3:24).  Ps 55:22 declares “Cast your burdens upon the Lord & He will sustain you.”  We can stand with the truth of this promise.  Just today the doctor informed us that she is surprised that I am not in extreme pain.  That others in my situation are on strong pain killers.  When we heard this, Jan shouted, “Praise God!”  Amen!, another prayer being answered that we didn’t even ask!  My biggest physical challenge is my digestive system, and trying to gain some weight.  For this I do ask for your prayers.

Though the doctors may have given up, we believe that only God knows our expiration date.  We “choose life” (Duet 30:19), and recognize that “the battle is not mine, but God’s” (2Chr 20:15).  We continue to live each day as the Lord brings it to us.  We still have more to learn in this area, but are enjoying each day that He gives, asking that we might honor Him.

I have learned much, but I will pass on a few things that may encourage you.  As  I reflect & ponder the possibilities, what’s truly important stands out.  For something to stand out, first other things must fade away.  For me, “stuff” has become meaningless.  For those who know me, I haven’t even washed my car in months!  Second, those that know me well, know that I have loved adventures, and God has granted me to experience many.  But now, even those remaining on my list have faded.  So what remains?  Not what, who!  It’s only family & friends!  All of you who have been part of our lives, who have loved us, encouraged us, prayed for us.  That’s what’s important!  That’s why we want to now pray for all of you.

I have always been a doer.  Now that my body won’t let me “do” very much, I have struggled with this.  Way too much of my identity was tied up in my “doing”.  But the Holy Spirit led me to a passage in John (14:12-14), where Jesus promises that we will “do” greater works than Him!  Wow!  But how can I do that?  In the very next verse He defines the “greater works” as prayers that will be answered, that the Father would be glorified through them.  So now I can “do” these works by praying.  It is fitting, that I begin with you, all of you who been praying for us, for months!  Many of you I know by name, but I also realize that many, many more have lifted us up that we don’t even know.  What a blessing this is for us!  I pray for each of you, that God might reveal Himself to you, that you might know deeper the hope that is in Christ alone, and that your faith & trust in Him might grow through your serving us in this way.

Another lesson…

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Hola!  It’s Danito again.  I have been compelled to share with you another lesson that God has taught me.  His grace & love have been truly amazing, especially as He has been so patient with me as I learn from Him.  As you know the Spirit of God has really been using the Scripture to uphold me, inspire me & comfort me - a true refuge.  (Many of you have shared verses with me that have been special to you & assure you that I have diligently prayed over every one - thank you.)  I have been meditating on some verses for days, and sometimes it takes me that long to “get it”.  Today’s lesson is Ps 118:17 “I shall not die, but live, and tell of the works of the Lord.”  I’ve been praying thru that truth, but with a future context.  That one day he would heal me of this cancer & then I would declare that “work of the Lord” to any who would listen.  Well, as I was pondering this with the Spirit, He spoke very clearly “Hey, you’re alive today!”  Woa!  He is so right.  I am alive today - God’s gift of another day to be alive - what am I waiting for?  So I have resolved in my heart, that every single day that I am alive I will tell of the works of the Lord.  Ps 40:5 says “…they are too numerous to count.”  I pray for His grace to honor the Lord my God in this way, and I ask you to pray for me to be faithful to this commitment.

God is Teaching Us

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

This is an entry from Dan.  Lee has been very kind to post these journal entries for us, but as Jan & I were talking & praying today God spoke to Jan that we need to share some of what He is teaching us.  It’s been amazing to see so many answers to prayers, such as appointments moved up a week, doctors staying late to perform tests, a plane ride to Duke, peace about being treated at UT, time with family, and many more.  We have an awesome God!  It is deeply humbling to me to have so many people praying and offering support.  I cannot express how powerfully this has lifted us.  A few days ago the Lord revealed to me a truth that inspired us to write this entry.  So many prayers have been offered on our behalf for God to provide a powerful miracle for my body to be made whole.  Even as all would agree this would be a powerful wonder, the Lord showed me that this is nothing compared to the power He displayed in providing my salvation thru His son, Jesus Christ.  The cost of my soul being made whole is infinitely greater, and we all should be in awe of this demonstration of His amazing power and His amazing love.  Thank you, Lord!