This past week Jan & I & two of our sons traveled to Kennedy Space Center to witness the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis.  It was truly an unforgettable & inspiring experience.  But even more amazing is how God orchestrated an enormous number of details just so I could watch this.  To fully appreciate this I have to go back 20 years.  While at ORNL, I had the opportunity to get an assignment with NASA.  I actually spent time in a shuttle at Kennedy.  Guess which orbiter?  Atlantis!  Due to this experience & other involvement with NASA, I was drawn to space.  After Jan & I discussed & prayed I decided to apply to become an Astronaut.  Then came the Challenger tragedy, but we still proceeded.  Although I didn’t make it, I have continued to have a strong interest in the program.  Fast forward to last April, when Jan & I “won” 4 tickets to see a launch.  By summer we were informed that it was scheduled for October, that it would be the Atlantis, and that this would be the last mission for Atlantis.  We were excited about going, not knowing that we would spend that whole month in hospitals & with doctors beginning my battle with cancer.  I just assumed I wouldn’t make it, but then it was delayed until January.  Jumping to January, we spent that month preparing for & recovering from surgery, but again the launch was delayed.  Are you seeing God at work here?  That brings us to May 2nd.  Jan & I were just talking & both of us within a day of each other had been prompted in our minds about the launch.  I went to the NASA website & found it had been scheduled for the 11th.  Wow!  “Let’s go!”.  On the 3rd I tried to get a hotel, but all were booked.  AAA finally found a place 25 miles away, thank you, Lord.  Then it was plane ticket time, and we had to coordinate with our two sons who live in different towns.  God worked it all out, so that we all made it to Melbourne Sunday afternoon.  And finally there was my body.  I hadn’t done anything like this for months & wasn’t sure I could hold up.  We woke up at 4:30 am to get to the Space Center on time for tours & exhibits.  It was 92 degrees & we spent most of it outside.  We caught our bus to the viewing area with an hour until launch.  It was so hot, but the place was filled with anticipation.  Launches are commonly delayed due to the complexity of it all & weather, etc.   At T-minus 20 minutes, they had to “hold” due to ice forming & sent a team to evaluate.  Everyone held their breath and we all cheered when it was announced all was “go”.  But now there was a thunderstorm just north of the launch pad threatening the launch.  At T-minus 9 minutes they announced it was all “go” again, and we all cheered once more.  Those 9 minutes went quick, as the adrenalin flowed.  We all counted to “lift-off” and stared in amazement until Atlantis was out of sight.  What a day!  God strengthened me way beyond what I am able, to see Him bless me in this way.  The final token from the Father was as we drove off from Kennedy Space Center it began to rain.  Amazing!  I am so humbled that the God of the universe would do all this for one of His kids, with a plan that started over 20 years ago! (1Chr 29:11, 1Jn 3:1)  Thank you, Father.