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Sign up below for one or more of the construction Saturdays.

Date Task Time Volunteers
Signed Up
July 23rd AM Blitz (Frame/Roof)
Involves starting with a floor, building the exterior walls, setting the trusses, and decking the roof. The house will be "in the dry" at the end of the day.
7:30-12:30 30
July 23rd PM Blitz (Frame/Roof)
Seventy-five percent of the afternoon crew will be on the roof so they MUST be comfortable with heights and stay until the work is finished.
11:30-4:00 30
July 30th Interior Walls / Roof Shingles
Consists of building and setting walls and installing top-plate, dead-wood, and cabinet blocking. Volunteers MUST be comfortable working on a 5/12 pitch roof and wear sneakers.
7:30-4:00 24
August 6th Vinyl Siding
Work begins on the ground and finishes on scaffolding or ladders. Volunteers should be comfortable on ladders.
7:30-4:00 20
- Pro Workers - - -
September 10th Interior Painting
Houses are typically already cut in, and work consists of rolling 2 coats of paint on all of the walls.
7:30-12:00 10
September 17th Cabinets & Trim
Installing Cabinets. Measuring, cutting, and installing baseboards and door trim. Some caulking may be involved.
7:30-3:00 14
TBD House Dedication

We also need help feeding all the volunteer labor. Sign up below and the Food Coordinator will contact you with more information on the specifics. Our food pledges so far:

Lunches: of 160 Snacks: of 300 Drinks: of 500 Servers: of 14


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You will need to fill out this release and bring it with you to the job site.

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