What an awesome month God gave us!  The blessings are so numerous that I am compelled to share some of them with you.  I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with my parents and almost every one of my 8 brothers & sisters.  Some traveled here & we made a long weekend trip to my folks cabin in Wisconsin.  The main reason I mention this is to share just how personal our Father God is toward His children.  My body is weak & tires easily, and I was concerned about our plane change at Chicago O’Hare with only 30 minutes to trek across a really big airport.  We prayed specifically that it wouldn’t be too far & that I would make it.  I received 3 or 4 updates on gate changes from Orbitz, but when we arrived our new gate was directly across the aisle!  It couldn’t have been closer - thank you, Lord!

My 4 sons & their families expressed their love by scheming for weeks & surprising me by spending a long weekend with us.  It was a huge blessing to hang out with all of us together, sons, daughter-in-laws, grandkids, even going to church, where we needed a whole row.  It was a very special time -  thanks, my four men, I love you! 

Another gracious gift from above was Jan & I having the chance to celebrate our 34th anniversary in Gatlinburg.  We’re high school sweethearts & she’s been such an incredible partner throughout this journey.  It was so sweet to enjoy that day together.  God is so good to grant not only this day of celebration, but an amazing lifetime together.  Thanks, Jesus!  And thank you, Sweetness.  I’m still crazy about you!

God has also be so gracious to give me regular time with a handful of close friends.  These men have been intentional & persistent in giving their time to encourage me.  Thanks guys, I love you all!  As I’ve shared in a previous posting, all that truly matters is our relationship with family,  friends & our Lord.  This last month has been an incredible testimony to this truth.

God has been teaching me much in the last months and has been leading me to share these truths.  Pastor Tom Job of Christ Community Church in Oak Ridge was kind enough to ask me to speak to his church.  Jan & I met with their adult class to answer questions about our journey, and then I gave the message on how to have victory over the last enemy.  According to 1Cor 15:26 the last enemy is death.  

Dan Kuban on Victory Over The Last Enemy in mp3 format.