June has been an incredible month!  We have seen God continue to do amazing things, answering our prayers & granting us blessings that are sometimes overwhelming.  On June 3rd, Caitlin Abigail was born to our son Jeff & his wife Elizabeth in Germantown, TN.  She is our 3rd grandchild, Caitlin’s big sister Haley is almost five.  On June 11th God allowed us to fly across our state & spend 3 days with Jeff & his family.  What a joy it was to hold Caitlin, at Starbuck’s no less, on the way to surprise Haley at her church summer program.  I got to see her, hold her, pray over her, sing to her.  This old engineer got misty just watching her in that tiny, helpless state.  The 13th was Jeff’s birthday, so we also got to take him out to celebrate before we flew back.

Then on June 17th, Ansley Kate was born to our son Rob & his wife Jordan here in Knoxville.  Again I was overwhelmed holding her, praying over her, taking it all in while she was only a few hours old.  Ansley’s big brother Zachary is almost three, and Jan & I had the privilege of keeping him at our house for a couple of days while Ansley was in the hospital.  What a blast, so full of energy & fun!

Just a month ago, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to see these two new granddaughters.  We have been really learning that every day is totally a gift from God, and that we have no entitlement to anymore than He grants (Job 12:10).  As the delivery dates drew nearer, my hopes grew, but also knew that God would have to provide His blessing, especially strengthening my body to travel to Germantown.  Well, He is amazing & so good to us that we again praise Him for His provision for us, His unmerited blessing to us, and for two new, precious GRAND-miracles!