Hola!  It’s Danito again.  I have been compelled to share with you another lesson that God has taught me.  His grace & love have been truly amazing, especially as He has been so patient with me as I learn from Him.  As you know the Spirit of God has really been using the Scripture to uphold me, inspire me & comfort me - a true refuge.  (Many of you have shared verses with me that have been special to you & assure you that I have diligently prayed over every one - thank you.)  I have been meditating on some verses for days, and sometimes it takes me that long to “get it”.  Today’s lesson is Ps 118:17 “I shall not die, but live, and tell of the works of the Lord.”  I’ve been praying thru that truth, but with a future context.  That one day he would heal me of this cancer & then I would declare that “work of the Lord” to any who would listen.  Well, as I was pondering this with the Spirit, He spoke very clearly “Hey, you’re alive today!”  Woa!  He is so right.  I am alive today - God’s gift of another day to be alive - what am I waiting for?  So I have resolved in my heart, that every single day that I am alive I will tell of the works of the Lord.  Ps 40:5 says “…they are too numerous to count.”  I pray for His grace to honor the Lord my God in this way, and I ask you to pray for me to be faithful to this commitment.