This Father’s Day got me thinking about my dad.  It seemed appropriate to write a Dan short note.  In no particular order, Dad thank you for

  • Showing me that a real man isn’t afraid to have fun like a kid
  • Answering my intellectual questions about spirituality intellectually and not with some cop out answer like “God made it that way” or “have faith”.
  • Teaching me by example.  Never missing a quiet time all the while I was growing up was the strongest argument for reading the bible you could make.
  • How to look tough and make funny faces.
  • Showing humility.  It’s funny how the people that need to know you are smart or good or whatever usually already do - even without one bragging or boasting.  But I think you need to see it work for someone else before you really believe it.
  • Being my mentor.  I’m still amazed at how much you taught me over the years: from engine noise diagnostics, to Greek word studies, to balloon animals, to how to treat people, to reading business plans, to putting your family first. All those small side conversations as well as the long deep talks added up.
  • Reminding me that a sharp and witty mouth could be used to build someone up or tear someone down.
  • Teaching me how to talk to all people - from the plumber to my professors from a junk yard proprietor to a member of a board of directors.
  • Lastly thanks for not being a jerk or even worse.  It seems the majority of books for men these days are about dealing with all the bad baggage your father left you.  Thank you for being the father I needed so that such books are just basically bizarre to me rather than helpful.  :)

To be honest I really wrote this less for my own father more to all the father’s out there: Realize that you have a tremendous impact on your kids - whether it is positive or negative is up to you.

(looking tough)

Happy Father’s Day!