Please pray for discernment for Dan as he is deciding what treatment options to pursue going forward.  He is getting out a little bit now - lunch here and there, a Lady Vols game with family, etc.  His pain is lessening and he is off pain medication which really helps with his clarity of thinking and his will.  He remains in prayer for God’s will to be evident in his decisions and actions.

When I spend time with him, I see a man of God that is facing a tremendous battle with extraordinary courage.  My mind and heart both are at odds with a medical community that has pronounced Dan as terminal.  Perhaps it is because of my lack of medical training, my desire for a different outcome, or just perhaps its because they do not know Dan Kuban like I know Dan Kuban - a man with copious discipline and healthy habits, follower of an Almighty God, and a man who still has many journeys to make proclaiming Him.

Friends, Dan will celebrate his birthday this Saturday (28th).  Actually, if I am not mistaken, he was born on a leap year day, so he really doesn’t have a birthday this year!  If you have the time and inclination, drop him a card or an email and just let him know you are thinking about him.  We were at a busy Panera’s last week and everywhere we turned, someone was coming up to him to say hello and wish him well - I think your prayers and kindnesses are sustaining him in this painful time along with God’s care. Thanks.