Friends of Dan:

I have been on the West Coast this week and a bit out of touch with Dan.  Today, I stopped in with him at his home.  I had noticed the last few days that his voice was not as strong and had attributed that to the recouperation period from the surgery, but I learned more today and I am seeking your intensified prayers on Dan’s behalf.

An infection set in from the surgery just internal to the incision.  As a result, Dan is taking antibiotics and continued pain medicines.  These in turn have had their impact on digestive processes that were already revamped by the surgery.  This is a time in this journey that Dan is at his physically lowest point.  The compounded effects of chemo, radiation, surgery and now infection are taking their toll on his body, and also on his enthusiasm.  So, I would just ask all you prayer warriors to kick in extra for the next two weeks to ask for physical strength, healing and spiritual encouragement for him.

In visiting with Dan today he specifically asked for your prayers.  He relayed to me that he can sense the power of your petitions for him even to the point of when they are many and intense and when they are fewer.  I have been remiss in the last week in updating all of you as I was a bit unaware of what was next for Dan or what to expect in this phase of the recovery.  The infection has been a setback and one that we need to rally around specifically.

You are all such a blessing to this dear man.  Thank you for your steadfast vigilance for Dan.