Dan’s journey continues to be covered with faith and surprises.  What I saw Friday was the definition of family.  Dan was surrounded by the Lord’s love and the love of family.  Wife, boys, brothers, sisters, grand-children, friends —- all there just to encourage, pray and express their love for this man.  It was a sight to see and a blessings to behold.

Dan should be back in Knoxville by next weekend if his recovery goes as expected.  In the mean time, drop him a card at the address in the last post if you have the chance.  There is more knowledge about his situation and he may have a few different options to consider.

Dan’s sister, Lori Tondini, created a digital blessing for Dan and for those of you that would like to, watch it and pray for Dan.  The link is:


Thank you all for your continued encouragement for Dan with your prayers, emails and calls.   He remains in God’s total care.