While the surgery did not proceed like we expected, we have much to thank to God for: first and foremost the prayers of so many people. Thank you all! There was a peace in the waiting area surrounding the family and the surgery results were positive.

The surgery confirmed the CT scans - the Lord has kept the cancer from spreading beyond the one tumor. The surgeon also discovered that the tumor is growing out of his small intestine and not his pancreas. This is good news because, while this is the same type of cancer cell, it tends to grow more slowly than pancreatic. The tumor had shrunk back some from the artery but not enough to safely remove the tumor. However, given the new information, a new chemo/radiation treatment may further shrink the tumor so that a 2nd surgery can remove the tumor safely.

The mailing address for Dan is: (UPDATE: Dan may be checking out as early as Wed morning)

Dan Kuban
Duke University Hospital
Room # 2331
Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27710

I will try to post more later…