I spent a most enjoyable hour with Dan yesterday at his home just catching up.  We talked about a lot of things including his view on The Shack that he had just finished.  In Dan’s way of being detailed and kind at the same time, he pointed out the theological short comings of the book while saying that it was a good read that might help many better understand a relationship with God.  We also talked about Protein Discovery and Protomet, endeavors that Dan has helped with for several years.  Our time included prayer for these organizations and their leaders.

Dan confessed that the waiting is almost harder than the treatments.  Waiting for information, for recommendations, for treatments to have full effect, etc.  Dan is always action oriented!  I think this is just more of the test of faith that he is experiencing.  He continues to grow in his trust and praise of the Lord and prays that his actions reflect Gods glory to all he comes in contact with.

Today, Dan will meet with the doctors at UT that have directed the treatments so far to review the results of the recent CT Scan and blood work.  The miraculous outcome would be no sign of the tumor; the best worldly result would be that the tumor has shrunk and is now operable.