Blessings for a happy new year to all of you that have been so faithful in your support for Dan.  I have been out of town and have now updated the site in a couple of weeks so I just wanted to catch you all up on Dan’s progress, plans and how the Lord continues to watch over him.

First progress:  Dan has completed the chemo and radiation treatments as of two weeks before Christmas.  All of his doctors were amazed at his strong condition, but we all understand that Dan is under the Lord’s protection.   We are thankful for what one doctor could only credit as a miracle.  For those of you that have not seen Dan lately, to me he appears most healthy and vibrant with the exception of a few pounds of weight loss (something most of us could use!) He was still doing sit-ups and push-ups each day until the last week of radiation - something that one of his nurses curiously commented she should start doing (if it was working so well).  Dan relayed to me that he constantly prays aloud during the radiation treatments that last about 2 minutes each time for the treatments to work, for God’s glory to be magnified, for wisdom for the doctors.  He is a walking and living testimony.

What’s next?  The waiting has been difficult as the residual radiation runs its course.  On Monday (Jan 5, 2009), Dan will have another CT scan to examine the condition of the tumor.  The desire is that the tumor has shrunk to the point that it will be operable.  He will take the results of the CT scan to his surgeon at Duke in early January to determine how to proceed - preferrably to operate and remove the tumor.  This operation on the pancrease is call the Whipple Procedure and is a very delicate one.  The doctor at Duke is one of the leading surgeons in this procedure so Dan will be in good hands, both earthly and heavenly.

At the conclusion of the radiation treatments, a few friends joined with Dan at his home to give thanks for the Lord’s protection thusfar and to offer encouragement to Dan for what lies ahead.  We are all touched by the way the Lord has been a source of strength and comfort to Dan in what has to be one of the most difficult medical treatments that anyone could endure.  While Dan is a testimony to us all, I want to thank all of you for being such great prayer warriors for him.  Please continue to lift him up and pray for God’s healing hand to be actively upon him.

Happy new year to you all and my to rest in the same assurance of God’s love that is sustaining our dear friend, Dan.