I have spent a lot of time posting about Dan, his walk, the Lord’s faithfulness to him, and his health, but I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what I am learning from all of this (after first praising God that Dan is through the chemo and he only has 3 radiation treatments left. He has remained in great spirits and outward good health).

I have heard the concept - pray continually - a number of times, but I never really have personally experienced it like I have these last two months.  Dan has been a  friend and mentor to me through the years and the suddenness and severity of his diagnosis shocked me as it did many of you.  Through these months of shock, followed by sadness, then searching, then hope, and all covered by prayer, I have experienced an urge to pray for him like I have never comprehended.  A friend of mine, Jimmy Pitcannen, had a similar situation with a dear friend and he pointed out to me what the Lord was doing - teaching me to pray continually.

So what does it look like and feel like?  First thought as you wake up in the middle of the night - lift up Dan’s rest to the Lord.  First thought in the morning - ask the Lord for Dan’s physical protection today.  Get in the car to go somewhere - thank the Lord for all the experiences, past and future, that you have shared with Dan.  Prepare to take a meal - ask for God to make digestion easy and to retain the sense of taste for Dan during this treatment.  Coach a basketball game - thank God for all the folks Dan has coached and helped and for the opportunity to continue to do so.  Maybe there is a friendship that goes along with the “peace that passes all human understanding” - a friendship that only Jesus can reflect as He walks beside us in our trials reminding us that all blessings come from His Father.

The radiation ends Thursday (Dec. 18) and then Dan will have a few weeks of rest leading to more tests early in the new year.  Thanks for covering him with your prayers and allowing me to share with you my heart for him and what this is revealing to me about the continual steadfastness of our Lord.  –Lee