Dan has been teaching me by his example of the power of our God and focused prayer.  God has been so gracious to protect his body from the ravages of the treatment he is under - both chemically and radiologically.  Dan completed his last chemo Monday and has 7 more radiation treatments to go to finish this regimine of treatments.  He shared with me that both of his doctors were amazed at his stamina after this much treatment.  One said it was a miracle and the other had to agree that this was God’s covering.

Our spiritual walk is a uniquely individual journey that never ends as we grow closer to Him.  As I see Dan, his faith and God’s awesome hand of protection, grace and answers to prayer, I am reminded that there is so little that I can comprehend of His majesty, but I am steadfastly thankful that He is a God that is actively engaged in our lives.

To all that have been prayer warriors in this, claim assurance that God is in control and that Dan is in the middle of His will and care.  Thank you so much for your continuing vigil for Dan.  He would be the first to tell you the glory is His and then he would thank you profusely that you care enough to petition for him.