I had a great hour with Dan this afternoon.  He has completed 18 of 28 radiation treatments and 4 of 5 anticipated chemotherapy sessions.  He looks great, tires early and is still exercising everyday!  He told a nurse the other day that he was having some muscle pains in his stomach and thought it might be from the 40 situps each morning - she gave him a strange look and committed to doing 5 tomorrow! That’s just like Dan - inspiring others to a greater place.

Dan said that he is really learning about being specific in his prayers - specific covering for certain areas of pain, specific help in keeping food down, good blood counts, rest when needed, but Dan is also praying for others.  He has been a prayer warrior for me in a current business endeavor that I think is important - what a friend.

We had a good talk about friendship today and how it is easy to have many friends, but difficult to have more than a handful of folks that you go really deep with.  Its a matter of compatibility, but particularly a matter of time.  Dan is special to so many people because he takes the time to serve and help. He is certainly a blessing in my life.

Please keep praying for his strength and the effectiveness of the treatment.