How do you give thanks for a friend like Dan?  Words fall so short of expressing the thankfulness that so many of us have for the friend that Dan has been to us.  He may have coached our child in baseball, he may have built a church with you or for you in Mexico (or driven you on a bus), he may have faithfully worked with you on professional projects - always to completion (the finisher!), he may have lead you to the Lord or to a deeper understanding of your giftedness, he may have hiked with you to the top of the Andes, or perhaps he just had a perfect word of encouragement for you in a time of need.

Dan has done these things and more for many of us.  I am please to say to you that he continues to teach us all lessons with his strength, positive attitude and unshakable faith.  I have seen Dan a couple of times this week and talked to him several more.  He is in great spirits and looks tremendous.  He has completed 13 of 28 anticipated treatments as of today.  The major effects are fatigue and some nausea, but all in all he is really upbeat and doing better than I could ever have imagined.  Praise God!

As far as prayer goes - Dan is teaching me a few things about really specific and focused prayer.  During his radiation treatments, he is focusing prayer on the physical enemy in his body seeking to add His power to the radiation.  After the treatments, Dan is simply asking for a minimization of the pain and the side effects.  He is a walking example that prayer works beyond our comprehension.  Thank you to so many that are holding him up in your prayers.