I stopped by Dan’s home this afternoon just to catch up with him and see directly how he was doing after chemo and 4 days of radiation treatment.  I have long looked at the world throught he 4-square view - physical, mental, social and spiritual (see Luke 2:52 a description of Jesus’ growth to manhood).  So, I will give you my 4-square perspective of Dan.

Physically, he looked great - no outward evidence of the war that is raging inside his body.  He is tiring early as his body is drained recuperating from the treatments.  Dan described the radiation sessions as very short (2-3 minutes), but the dosage rates very high.  He continues to exercise each day with the discipline that he has always had and that I respect so greatly.

Mentally, he is sharp as a tack.  We spent a good bit of time going over a business document and he asks the same piercing questions that I have come to know him for.

Socially, he enjoys conversation and is getting out to church and some lunch engagements.  He had lunch and a tour of the new ORNL yesterday with my brother.  The old engineering building has been replaced with a new facility and the old parking lot has another building on it - both devoted to environmental work.

Spiritually, he is like a rock.  With each bolt of radiation he says a prayer - even the ceiling tile alignment lasers make a cross!  He is facing this challenge with a foundation that is secure and a great source of strength.

It was a good visit and I am encouraged by his demeanor and spirit.  Please pray that nausea and fatigue would not overcome him.  Blessings to you.